I Love You – A Poem

You know how I feel?

How will you know if I don’t tell you? 

You know, I love you. 
You know, I don’t tell you often.

I love you. 

You are just like me.

You have friends and families who love and hate you
You have friends and families whom you love and hate and others who you don’t care about.

You do your best and it’s still not enough.
Others do their best and it’s still not enough.

You look around and everyone is in pain including yourself.
We are all heartbroken masked under our cynicism and apathy.
Well, I love you and so I must speak my heart and truth.

I love you. You, who is so harsh, angry and bitter.
You who wants to give up yet never does.

Let’s disarm. 
Let’s cultivate trust in the process.
We are all becoming and unbecoming simultaneously.
Let’s not rush the process
So we don’t have to repeat mistakes.

Rest and relax when you need it.
Without guilt.
Tender to the feeling of void and pain within.

Fill up with self-reflection 
So self-realization can dawn.
To the fact of our humanity and our interconnectedness.
None of us are free until we all are.

We are all heart broken
From each other’s betrayal of humanity.
Forgetting along the way of cosmic journey –
our true nature. Free and whole.
Allowing conditions and elements to mold us into its whims and impulses.

We are all heartbroken because we have forgotten
We are all kins and lovers.
That we are one in our humanity 
Not wanting pain and suffering, 
Desiring pleasures and happiness.

So what would happen if we treat each other with warm regards unconditionally?

What would happen if we trust the basic goodness under the mask of roles we embody?

What would happen if we keep invoking each others’ Buddha-nature.

I love you. Because I know you intimately within me.
Ultimately, vulnerable and out of control.
Marred by the habit of self-protection and self-deception.

What if awakening is nothing other than this very freedom from the fixation to this self deception.
What if we let reality and life touch us, intimately.

Let the pain of our own and each other’s betrayal wash upon us.
Let us grieve at the cost and price of forgetting our true nature – our inherent goodness.

And we have  forgotten, deeply.
That we are truly one family. This earth is our mother.

Grieve at how we each treat her. 
Trampling on her sacredness, 
Polluting and pillaging her 
And everything she gave birth to.
The same way we treat ourselves.
The same way we treat each other.

Truly none of us free until we all are
Grieve at how we have forgotten
That we are human. 
Each dependent on another’s kindness and love for our survival and thriving.

I love you. 

Yes, I hear you. The systems suck, corporations are greedy, governments are corrupted, patriarchy is a real shit show. People don’t care. There’s injustice everywhere.

Yet, keep showing up.
More than ever, keep showing up.
True to yourself. 
And let others have their own.
Each journey unique in its expression
In this cosmo’s great play.

Remember no external forces ever brought  true and lasting peace and happiness.
Remember only love and truth brings liberation
And liberation is a prerequisite to living a truly happy life – 
Life reckons that we face the truth of our true nature and dismantle all the conditionings that separates us from each other.

The exploitative entities bank on the fact that we will stay indulged and comfortably addicted.
That we don’t have the spine to renunciate the addictive toxins they feed and demand accountability from them.

Remember you are not a bad person to be addicted.
The system is designed to keep us disconnected and addicted.
Yet, if we are courageous and willing to give up our addictions to consuming,
stop weighing our worth in productivity, the exploitative entities will have no fodder to feed on.
Instead, we can focus on healing, restoration, community and creativity. 

But here we are. In dire times of high polarizations. 

We each have to choose our loyalty, to turn our own Dharma wheel, our internal compass, and come into integrity or be seduced and trapped by the ghosts of addiction. 

We still have this mother earth, we still have each other. Doing our best everyday no matter how limited that is

Honor your pain and suffering.
It is only through understanding our own confusion and suffering deeply
That we cultivate compassion for all.

Out of this compassion for all
Let your ingenuity shine
Unleashing your untapped potential
To become alchemists,magicians and visionaries.

Let’s dream and imagine a world
Where everyone thrives.

And it starts with proper grieving
Let the walls come down
Let true love dawn
Let tenderness envelope us.

I love you. You are part of my thriving dream.

Forgive me when I forget and take you for granted.

I love you. I love you. I love you.

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