Trust me, you will enjoy your experience! They are kind, knowledgeable, and attentive. They will make you feel comfortable while pushing you to become your best self. I highly recommend booking a session with them.

Kara L.

We couldn’t have asked for a better yoga instructor for an in store running recovery event! It went extremely well. Brett is easy to work with, has great communication, and truly has a passion for what him and his wife have created which makes a world of a difference. I did my research and Innovative Yogis was by far the best fit and most qualified with experience and their background. Thank you again!!

Valerie H.

Penpa is a diamond. Embodiment of love, compassion, and strength. In such hard times, sessions with Penpa have been the best medicine to soothe my wounds. As I continue to work on my well-being and cultivate more compassion, my practice has been much more stronger and guided with right intentions. Thank you dear Penpa, for all that you do.

Sonia D.

Brett of Innovative Yogi is a joy to work with. I engaged him for a corporate event and my interactions with him were excellent from start to finish! Not only was he extremely professional and responsive in the pre-planning, his instruction was very well received by the attendees of the class. We received great feedback from all who interacted with him and we look forward to partnering with him on many future group classes for our corporate clients.

Gina G.

I don't have the words to describe how amazing it is to learn from Penpa. She is so kind and attentive, truly an amazing teacher. 11/10 do recommend!

J Pallister

Penpa and Brett are OMazing heart-centered beings with so much knowledge and wisdom to share with the world.

Rachel B.

Penpa is so giving, generous, and insightful. She really wants to spread her positive energy, and insights about living and leading a positive life!

Sunny G.

Brett at Innovative Yogis is awesome! He hosted yoga for our group 3 days at a conference last week. The group LOVED him. He is an amazing instructor and was fantastic to work with throughout the process. I highly recommend working with him for any event or yoga need!

Katie L.

We booked Brett for a last minute yoga session for a friend whose bridal shower was cancelled due to COVID. He was in constant communication leading up to the event just 3 days out and he showed up early to guide us through our practice. He knew exactly what the group needed in terms of letting go of stress and things out of our control, bonding together and increasing the energy of the group. EVERYONE raved about him and we’re so grateful that he made this work for the bride and was so wonderful. Brett made the bride feel the love and energy of those around her through our practice. The OM at the end of our practice was energizing and made several of us cry. Thank you so so so very much for making this work last minute and for a great practice. We loved the session and your energy. Highly recommend your service!

Kelly L.

Had a fantastic private yoga session that was very informative and was in a beautiful location! Our instructor helped choose the location and had everything set up by the time we got there! Great job!

Andres P.

Brett led a guided meditation session for a corporate event. He did an amazing job teaching us about the principles behind meditation and yoga, and was super knowledgeable about the science behind it as well. Highly recommend!

Mitchell H.

Brett was incredibly responsive to my messages and flexible when it came to scheduling. I was in search of someone to lead a [virtual] corporate wellness session, with specific attention to mindfulness and meditation. Brett was the perfect fit! He helped our group (of mixed experience levels) get acquainted with the concepts. Brett shared about his personal history with meditation which encouraged others to share and ask questions. His open and candid responses made our group feel comfortable. Would highly recommend working with Brett and already look forward to our next session with Innovative Yogis!

Lynn E.

This duo, especially Penpa, have taught me so much about the value of life and how important it is that we understand what we are putting into our bodies. She is the only one who could teach me how to breathe correctly. . . for that I am forever thankful!

I can’t explain the Blessing it has been working with Brett and Penpa with Innovative Yogis!! After seeing Several therapists and doctors over 1 and 1/2 years to help me, I had no success!!! I couldn’t walk or talk after surgery with a Very bad recovery!! After 2 sessions with Penpa there was visible results!!! I can walk and we’re working on getting my voice back and stronger!! I’m 72 years old and never really believed in mind and breathing meditation but i’m definitely a believer now!! I thank my son for researching and finding Innovative Yogis that come to my house!! It has been Amazing and can’t wait to sing and dance again!!! Thank you Brett, Penpa, and Precious Gem for bringing sooo much Knowledge, Love, and Kindness into my world!!

Jeanne L.

Penpa is amazing. She is a talented yoga instructor with an amazingly warm and generous soul. Her exercises are already helping. Thank you, Penpa!

Trivia P.

I’ve worked with Brett at a mentor ship and he was great with meditations on centering yourself in the here and now, as well as focusing on core values in inner peace. Definitely recommend!

Qiana M.

Penpa is an excellent teacher. I learned a lot about Buddhism, especially how it can change your life in the ways you think and act. She turned what could have been a boring lecture into an intriguing conversation where I felt both listened to and respected, while getting helpful answers. This experience made my day and I plan to take my new found knowledge and outlook into the rest of my week, and after that, my life. Thank you.

Jamie S.

Two of the most impactful people in my life are behind the magic at Innovative Yogis. Brett and Penpa are mindful, thoughtful, passionate about helping people heal their souls, through meditation and yoga. Penpa hails from Tibet, and as a refugee she studied with Buddhist Monks from the age of 4. I have been reminded of the awesome power of presence, and humbled by the amazing duo that the Innovative Yogis are. Brett is one of the brightest souls, his laugh will enrich your heart, and his warm demeanor and as a well practiced yogi, he has been able to bring mindful yoga into corporate offices, businesses, work sites, bachelorette parties, weddings, or any other event where these practices can benefit those in attendance.

When I started trying to find the best people doing the best things in the community, wanting to call them out on Google Reviews for Five-Star excellence - I really didn't expect to meet people of such high caliber.

Private, in home yoga, guided meditation, soul healing and mindfulness work. You might be inspired. I was.

Mike D.

Founder of Better Than Awesome

The best!!! Great yoga, Penpa has such a great energy and helps you to relax and provides great body work and adjustments as well…Brett is pretty cool also 😎

J C.

Tirelessly answered my questions with no look for reward. We talked for almost two hours. I can’t wait to have another lesson!

Drew N.

Not only provided answers to my questions, but took it a step further to make them accessible, and to suggest related topics that I could explore as I continue to develop.

Elizabeth H.

Having attended a wide variety of yoga classes at a number of studios - I immediately found that yoga was wholeheartedly doing me good. From my cardiovascular health and fitness, to my increased flexibility, to learning to accept my life circumstances and lessen my internal resistance towards them. At some point however, I began to notice that my progress in class was plateauing. I was no longer becoming more flexible no matter how often I stretched and nor was I able to make further peace with my life circumstances no matter how much I lessened my resistance towards them. Things came to a halt.


Coincidentally enough, at roughly the same time, Penpa was stepping down from her position at a studio I attended. I asked Penpa why after class and she explained to me that she was looking to teach in a more personal, more genuine and more intimate manner/environment and was looking to take on a handful of pupils for personal practices outside of the studio. Fast forward the clock a few months and I was finally beginning to understand what yoga was really about. It wasn't about forcing my fingers to touch to my toes while sweating profusely and scrunching up my face - it was about relaxing my joints, closing my eyes and tilting gently forwards while remaining focused on the breath. At peace with the end results as my intent need only be in the doing, not in the achieving or the gaining. 


Yoga wasn't about rushing through positions in a class setting so as to keep up with the instructor or the many students surrounding me. It was about going at my own pace, even if that meant becoming out of sync with everybody else. Being in sync with Myself was much, much more important. Yoga wasn't about accepting my life circumstances because I cannot alter or change them. Because I can. It was instead about accepting Myself for who I was in that moment, moment to moment, all along. The circumstances are merely waves upon the surface of my being. Without discrediting classes or the classroom environment - It was only through gentle, subtle, intimate lessons with both Penpa and Brett that I became aware of such realizations and began changing my attitude not just towards yoga, but towards Myself.


Penpa and I have chosen not to practice traditional poses, sun salutations or cardiovascularly demanding practices. We have instead decided that the best course of action for my situation was to instead focus directly on my central nervous system and calm it down energetically from the inside-out at the beginning of most sessions. From there we circulate through a variety of different simple poses each week so as to continually reveal that my lack of flexibility and posture do not stem from the muscles or the joints themselves but from something much deeper. Something of which that I can only get in touch with through the steady and ongoing practice (both inside and outside of the studio) of broadening my internal awareness.  


So in conclusion for anyone out there whose looking for something beyond your typical classroom setting which runs through poses A-Z, for anyone seeking a more personal or intimate teacher, for anyone seeking a practice which will be constructed and designed specifically for you and your needs or maybe someone whose simply looking for a genuine teacher, one who holds compassion in their heart and who cares more about your progress and well being then payment. Then look no further. You've arrived.

Morgan B.

"What you think, you become.

What you feel, you attract.

What you imagine, you create."

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