How It Works

Our prices vary depending upon the type of class, how many people, location, and supplies we provide. One-on-one private sessions at our studio or online are the lowest price, while the price increases if we come to your location. Price also increases as group size increases, especially if we are bringing supplies. You can find exact prices for one-on-one privates by looking at the Yoga, Meditation, or Soul Work pages. For group event pricing please setup a Free Discovery Call to get a custom quote.

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Packages Available at a Discounted Rate

If you decide to work with us on a regular basis, we have packages available so you can buy in bulk and lower the cost. 5-packs are discounted at 10% and 10-packs are discounted at 20%. We also occasionally offer a New Student Special package for 3 sessions, which varies in price and can only be purchased once (ask to see if it's currently available). For events, rates are discounted if we teach a series rather than a single class (assuming we can leave supplies on site).

Sliding Scale and Gift Economy

If we feel that you would be a good student who will benefit from working with us, we don't want financial constraints to get in the way, so we offer a sliding scale with lower rates. In the spirit of the Gift Economy, we also offer scholarships if the sliding scale does not help enough. If you are certain that you want to work with us and are dedicated to taking on the practice fully into your life, then don't let money get in the way. Contact us and we will figure out a plan.


45 min

Value: $100

This private session includes both guided meditation and coaching on techniques. Time for questions and discussion.


1 hr

Value: $125

This is a physically focused session based on asanas (yogic poses). Breathing and meditation are woven into the practice.

Soul Work & Decolonization

1 hr 30 min

Value: $165

You and Penpa will dive deep together, facing the muck and finding the healing. Be prepared to work with your shadows and embrace your inner light.

Event Wellness

We bring the yoga studio to you, anywhere, anytime, for any group. Everything you need to infuse wellness into your event or special gathering.
From conferences to retreats, hotels to Airbnb's, birthdays to bridal showers, or parks to schools, we go where yoga & meditation are needed.

We'd love to create a mindful experience for you. Book a free discovery call and get a quote today!

We believe that everyone has a gift to give and that it is through the heart of generosity we are able to learn to feel abundant and to appreciate the natural abundance around and inside us. We believe that generosity is a powerful antidote to a world locked into a scarcity and poverty mentality.

 Community & Gratitude

We believe that ultimately, we all live only through the generosity of others – from the sun’s endless energy to the earth that sustains us; from the love and care of our parents to the plants and animals that sacrifice their lives to feed us. The more gratitude and appreciation we practice in our daily life, the more sacred our relationship with everyone becomes.

We're Interconnected

Nothing in this vast, interconnected ecosystem we call the world and the universe exists for itself alone. We live to support and feed one another, to serve one another, and ultimately to enlighten one another.


Our organic make-up is one of generosity and love. We see that same inherent goodness in all, and aim to ignite the universal spirit of giving, appreciation and gratitude within the hearts of others. Through shifting our internal paradigm, we hope to transform ourselves and whomever we come across.


By practicing integrity, dedication, and intention through our modest beginning, we hope to shift the conversation from pure consumption to contribution; from impersonal transaction to trust; from fear-based scarcity to natural abundance; from separation and isolation to community and service.  

Dig deep inside and we are sure you will find the gift, talent, skill or wisdom you are dying to share with the rest of the world. We are looking for collaborators, investors, patrons, volunteers, and fellow change agents. Everyone is welcome to be a part of the team. 

"What you think, you become.

What you feel, you attract.

What you imagine, you create."

Questions? You can reach us at

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