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Penpa Dolma


My default is depth, and I'm ready to dive into the journey of transformation with you. Remember – no mud, no lotus.

Brett Engle


Shifting perspectives wherever I go, both personal and social. We can all heal and evolve, it's what we're here to do.

“The real revolution is the evolution of consciousness” 

What is an Innovative Yogi?

Innovative – featuring new methods; advanced and original… introducing new ideas; original and creative in thinking 


Yogi – a person who is proficient in yoga. Yoga literally means “union”… it is the neutralization of ego-directed feelings, because once these become stilled, the yogi realizes that he is, and that he has always been, one with the Infinite

An Innovative Yogi moves from a ground of yogic understanding, bringing ancient wisdom into the modern world, embracing the technology surrounding us and employing it for the work of healing all souls, merging ageless contemplative practices with our present day science in order to support all life on earth, dismantling systems of oppression as we collectively shift away from the current paradigm of greed, destruction, and disconnection, into one of abundance, love, connection, and generosity.

It’s Time for a Consciousness Shift

We are all living through a great zeitgeist shift on our planet, globally purging and releasing the behaviors which are driving our civilization off of a cliff, while simultaneously awakening to the interconnected nature of our reality.

As Innovative Yogis, we see a glorious opportunity to live a sustainable, abundant, vibrant, and joyful life on this planet, not just for the few, but for all, and we are deeply grateful to be here to help manifest it into being.

We recognize that our interconnected reality means we can no longer think of ourselves as isolated from nature or separate from people on the other side of the planet, or separate from those in our neighborhood, or from our relatives, our spouses, parents and children. If we don’t come together as one human family and take care of our home sustainably, then we’ll perish from our own greed and our attachment to the illusion of separation.

We are committed to the personal and social work necessary so that humanity can manifest new systems to replace the crumbling ones, building from the ground of a mystical perspective, the view that we are all one, and a scientific understanding of what that means.

We see the problems facing our planet, the abundant solutions available to us, the consciousness block holding us back, the awakening energy bubbling up demanding change, and we’re committed to changing ourselves so we can change the world!

Walking the Path

The global consciousness is at a tipping point, daily presenting us with critical choices.  

 We could slip into an age of scarcity, fear, and totalitarianism, or we can evolve into peace, sustainability, and abundance for all… It’s up to each of us to decide which path we take.  

As Innovative Yogis we're dedicated to counteracting the fearful narrative which is trying to capture our planet today by providing training & resources for physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual health, so that we can all manifest a life of peace on earth together, by finding peace in ourselves first.  

Become a Patron

When looking upon the state of the world, we see a glorious opportunity to live a sustainable, abundant, vibrant, and joyful life on this planet, not just for the few, but for all.

You can support us in manifesting this vision via our Patreon page, where you have the power to make our gifts free to all through a system of monthly patronage, for as little as $1 a month.


Becoming a Patron of Innovative Yogis is a vote with your dollar for a future of peace, sustainability, and abundance for all, by funding the creation of free services and content to function as consciousness shifting medicine for everyone who wants it.  

Thank you for supporting us on this path. Every Frodo needs a Sam!

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"What you think, you become. What you feel, you attract. What you imagine, you create." 


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