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For the most effective transformation on this journey, it is important that you feel fully seen, heard and understood. If there are doubts and a lack of trust – it will make this work harder for both sides and we will both waste our precious time and resources. So it is important to us that we work well together.


In this 20 minute free consultation session, we will get to know each other, your intention, inspiration and goal behind working with us. We will speak candidly about your doubts and fears on the path as well so you can assess if we are a good match and are on the similar page. It is important to us that you feel fully supported with your journey. 

We booked them for a last minute yoga session for a friend whose bridal shower was cancelled due to COVID. They made the bride feel the love and energy of those around her through our practice. The OM at the end of our practice was energizing and made several of us cry.
Kelly L.
We couldn’t have asked for a better yoga instructor for an in store running recovery event! Brett is easy to work with, has great communication, and truly has a passion for what him and his wife have created, which makes a world of a difference.
Valerie H.
Penpa is a diamond. Embodiment of love, compassion, and strength. In such hard times, sessions with Penpa have been the best medicine to soothe my wounds. As I continue to work on my well-being and cultivate more compassion, my practice has been much more stronger and guided with right intentions.
Sonia D.

Are you ready to do the work and grow? Because we're ready to help. 

Experienced teachers with over 750 hours of yoga & meditation training, degrees in psychology, and numerous years of teaching hundreds of students in classes, workshops, and private sessions all around the world. 

A lifetime of studying with embodied teachers and leading scientists, including the Dalai Lama, Richard Davidson, Matthieu Ricard, Jon Kabat Zinn, Mingyur Rinpoche, Daniel Goleman, Desmond Tutu, and more. 

Collaborating with peacemakers across the globe in their local communities, working in service alongside grass roots leaders and Nobel Peace Laureates.

Sharing our journey into personal healing and evolution via shadow work, shamanic plant medicine, and unconditional love, all guided by yogic insight & meditation practices.

We all have unique gifts to offer and our life's purpose is to share them generously.

"What you think, you become.

What you feel, you attract.

What you imagine, you create."

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