Love In The Time Of Covid-19

These time ask us to go inward, inquire how we got here and how we can rise from the ashes of burnt dreams of capitalism and systemic injustices. And we each have a role to play in our rising vision of the world we want to live in. Can we be bold enough to give up all the excess doings and be with ourselves deep and long enough to hear what your purpose of being alive is and meet the purpose with dedication, love and joy?

The truth is we all have forgotten
We have forgotten we were and are free
Free because we are interconnected.
Our existence couldn’t have come without the participation of the other.
We have men and women who have forgotten
the feel and taste of their mother’s milk.
The endless nights she spent keeping them dry, fed and warm.
That’s the least she did.
Most will love and dote herself
Give up her life for them.

And then these men like Trump who grew up not being seen, loved, appreciated and adored,
They forget their true self,
If they are born into privileged,
They will develop expensive taste and addictions
To fill up the void left from absence of love from an early age.
And they will be willing to bully, kill and harm anything and become monsters
To get their fix, with money, power, privileges, violence, pleasures or fame.
This is a case of addiction,
a deep illness
Of forgetfulness.
Of our inherent state.

We are all children unmothered
Because our mothers had to be forgotten of her own nature
With the force of patriarchy, the violence and harm it wrecks
And so each of us became unwillingly complicit in the exploitation of our Mother Earth, and all her offsprings.
Self sabotaging, self betrayal became our default nature.

Mother Earth is raging for a change,
just like all the colonized are.
She won’t go silently
Just like we won’t.

We must remember.
Remember, we are strong in our diversity.
We must stop the cancer of self centredness from spreading
And the antidote is the resilience and collaboration of the diverse healthy cells to combat the metastasizing cancerous cells.
We each must do our part in building that resilience using our unique gifts.
We cannot hold Trump like corrupted entities accountable if we don’t have the courage to hold ourselves accountable to our values.

Knowing what and who we are dealing with can help a lot.
To know oneself,
To unchain ourselves from the narrative of scarcity, patriarchal oppression and narcissistic culture !
To detox from the greed and junk addiction of capitalism
That temporarily fills us up, leaving us emptier,
keeping us from feeling all the feels of being a human.
And we wonder why we feel so empty !

What if we allowed our feelings to be felt fully and flow,
To tell their pieces of brokenness and wholeheartedness?
What if we all didn’t go silently,
To be slaughtered by capitalism and selfishness?

What if my cries and songs remind you of your freedom?
What if I whisper magic words into your heart?
What if I sing a whole song to you and for you?
You are whole,
However you are.
Enter into the gate of Dharma.
With whatever you have,
Good and Bad,
Right and Wrong.
Perfect or Imperfect.

You are loved.
You are Love.
That is your essence.

You look for it so hard because you KNOW exactly how it tastes and feels.
You just need to remember,
It’s never gone.
It’s right here,
In your heart.
Ready for you to listen, see and experience
And re-remember.

Come to your body,
Listen to your heart and your marrows,
You are already free.
Your responsibility is to not trespass the duty of love
And to live from there,
and dismantle everything that comes in between.
Killing with love,
Because death is part of life.

Containment of the spread of cancerous disease of xenophobia and bigotry, and their many heads,
The cancer cells must go through a death process to be part of the healthy body.

Warriors and lovers,
This is your call.
We need you,
Mother Earth needs you,
Live from your love
Take risk,
Detox from the addictions,
Sober Up,
Especially when you are scared.

The malevolent entities are banking on our inability to become sober and give up addictions to self centredness, convenience, comfort and greed.

Yes, the battle feels insurmountable

Because, “If you saw the size of the blessing coming, you would understand the magnitude of the battle you are fighting.”

You and these times are made for each other.
We and these times are made for each other.

If we woke up,
Remembered our true nature,
And lived from that place of Truth,
Courageously and preserved it at any cost,
This could tomorrow be a heaven.
We could take it all down,
Burn it to ground,
Turn its ashes to build an equitable, abundant and sustainable life for all.
So that joy might become the second nature of its being.

First we must do the heavy heavy detox
Detox of all the consumption
The excesses and the lack,
And nourish ourselves and each other with life giving foods
Of mind, body and spirit.

Whole foods, nurturing relationships, and nature.
Creativity, purpose and well being.

Together, we all thrive
Will you join the call?

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