Initial Evidence of Energy Healing

Ilan of uses energy to heal. From a yogic understanding, he is tapping into prana, an energy which is responsive to consciousness. It also makes up an energetic blueprint of our bodies, similar to the way HTML exists behind what you’re seeing in a web browser. By changing the energetic blueprint, he is able to manifest instantaneous changes in a person’s physical body.

I first became aware of his work when I came across this video of him demonstrating his ability to control pranic energy in a way that others could feel:

He then began demonstrating that he could also heal with this energy, posting videos of him healing strangers he met on the street. Following is a very powerful healing session where you see the patient’s physical body moving in response to the energetic changes:

While the footage he was posting of his healings was compelling, it still left room for many skeptical explanations (the people are actors, it’s just placebo effect or people are making it up in their heads because of the power of suggestion and previous beliefs, etc). Luckily Ilan then began visiting labs so scientists could use tools to measure what was actually happening.

In this video a woman with a shoulder injury sits for a healing session which is captured on a medical thermal imaging camera. This device makes visible the heat emanating from the body, giving a noninvasive way to screen for inflammation. During the healing session, the woman’s inflammation in the wounded area visibly decreases, and she reports a reduction in pain and an increase in range of motion.

Here is the raw footage (over an hour long) for closer examination:

Ilan has continued to perform healings in front of the medical thermal imaging camera with positive results. Here is another patient with back pain who reports relief that matches with the camera’s recordings:

And here is the raw footage:

Despite these thermal images which show that physical change does occur, some minds will still explain it away as placebo effect or psychosomatic, that “the patient believes it will change and so a change happens just from sitting and relaxing and believing”, and that “Ilan did nothing more than give them something to believe, he has no ability to control prana, and prana isn’t real”. A valid critique and a possible explanation, hence why we need more evidence.

Luckily Ilan also went to a lab to perform a test on cancer cells, which wouldn’t be subject to the placebo effect explanation. Well, the lab reported morphological changes in tumors that received his healing treatment, which indicates he’s not merely creating a placebo effect in the thermal imaging videos:

Finally, he has also been practicing seeing while blindfolded, which again is not explainable by a placebo effect (though needs a more rigorous setting than depicted in the below video in order to eliminate other potential methods of cheating):

If these videos all show what they claim to show, then there is certainly something worthy of further investigation going on here. While he has amassed a tremendous amount of video documentation of his work, even the best videos do not do a sufficient job of allaying all possible other explanations of what’s going on, or possible trickery. Even his lab time was not part of a organized study. So while this evidence is compelling, there’s still room to doubt, and therefore more rigorous study is needed.

Ilan is interested in collaborating to get into the labs of reputable open minded scientists. I believe that with the right help, we can produce evidence that meets the most rigorous scientific standards. Please contact me if you believe you can help get this scientific inquiry underway.

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