Gift Economy & Pricing


All of our classes, sessions, workshops, content and products are offered as a gift in the spirit of the Gift Economy. The practice of generosity takes us beyond separate self-hood and constitutes a basic ethos at the heart of community, as it is the antidote to scarcity.

Gift Economy

Rather than offering our work as a service to be bought, we ask for contributions to make this work possible. Please receive our offerings as a gift. If you feel inspired to reciprocate, please become a patron or make a contribution, whichever feels right in your heart. The generosity we receive makes our generosity possible.

Available to All

We offer all of our products and services as a gift because we don't want financial constraints to get in the way. If we all feel like we're the right fit, then we want to work with you - so remember that gift economy means you receive what you need, and give what you can to whomever you may.

We offer all of our services and products as a gift in the spirit of the Gift Economy.

Our work is made possible by supporters who give what their heart feels is right.

You may give via: 

We believe that everyone has a gift to give and that it is through the heart of generosity we are able to learn to feel abundant and to appreciate the natural abundance around and inside us. We believe that generosity is a powerful antidote to a world locked into a scarcity and poverty mentality.

 Community & Gratitude

We believe that ultimately, we all live only through the generosity of others – from the sun’s endless energy to the earth that sustains us; from the love and care of our parents to the plants and animals that sacrifice their lives to feed us. The more gratitude and appreciation we practice in our daily life, the more sacred our relationship with everyone becomes.

We're Interconnected

Nothing in this vast, interconnected ecosystem we call the world and the universe exists for itself alone. We live to support and feed one another, to serve one another, and ultimately to enlighten one another.


Our organic make-up is one of generosity and love. We see that same inherent goodness in all, and aim to ignite the universal spirit of giving, appreciation and gratitude within the hearts of others. Through shifting our internal paradigm, we hope to transform ourselves and whomever we come across.


By practicing integrity, dedication, and intention through our modest beginning, we hope to shift the conversation from pure consumption to contribution; from impersonal transaction to trust; from fear-based scarcity to natural abundance; from separation and isolation to community and service.  

Dig deep inside and we are sure you will find the gift, talent, skill or wisdom you are dying to share with the rest of the world. We are looking for collaborators, investors, patrons, volunteers, and fellow change agents. Everyone is welcome to be a part of the team. 

"What you think, you become.

What you feel, you attract.

What you imagine, you create."

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