Medicinal Soul Work

6 hr

We will dive deep together, facing the muck and finding the healing. Be prepared to work with your shadows and embrace your inner light.

In many ways, we are all traumatized people, we are all oppressed in one or another way, by individuals or by systems, by ourselves or by others. We look around our community and the world at large and we see how unprocessed and unhealed trauma causes harm. We know how unhealed trauma and misunderstanding within ourselves blocks us from living our purpose and life to the fullest. Soul work is a path for seekers of truth and freedom. When one is on the path of soul work – everything and every one is a mirror and teacher. It is a narrow path of no blame but of embracing all facets of ourselves and others. It is an intentional uncovering of what’s in the shadow, the under-current energy, unconscious, repressed, neglected, abandoned, rejected and frozen into a state of numbness and addiction. Unprocessed for lifetimes, these unresolved energies run our lives leading us into habits of shame, guilt, criticism, cynicism, resentment, rigidity, prejudices and despair. In many case, because we have not embraced the darkness within us that we are unable to embrace the darkness projected outside in others and the collective. Soul work is a work of alchemy, of seeing our shadows for what they are – potent wisdom and life force hidden in darkness looking for illumination, understanding and love. It is the home of compassion, wisdom and creativity. It is the house of our deepest prayers, our deepest longings, our deepest and brightest gifts.  Soul work is for longing brave souls who don’t want to waste the gift of this precious human life to uncover their true potential This is mostly a lone journey of taking the dive to go underground of our psyche, reconciling with the undesired parts of us so that wisdom can dawn. Soul work is demanding. It requires immense courage, honesty, dedication and longing to wake up from this deep sleep of forgetfulness and confusion. We will incorporate yogic practices, meditation, inquiry and journaling in this session. 

Private Yoga Asana Instruction Image of Brett and Penpa in Virabadrasana 2

"What you think, you become.

What you feel, you attract.

What you imagine, you create."

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