What do people say about working with these Innovative Yogis?

Penpa is so giving, generous, and insightful. She really wants to spread her positive energy, and insights about living and leading a positive life!

-Sunny Goklani

Penpa was amazing! She’s very educated and was able to explain Buddhism with great analogies that worked on an intellectual level. She was able to relate how western culture and eastern culture have intermingled and the effect on dharma in personal lives. She tirelessly answered my questions with no look for reward. We talked for almost two hours. I can’t wait to have another lesson with her. She’s fascinating.

-Drew Nevitt

Very knowledgeable. She not only provided the answers to my questions but took it a step further to make them accessible and to suggest related topics that I could explore as I continue to develop the skills and understanding of Buddhism.

-Elizabeth Hoover

Penpa is an excellent teacher. I learned a lot about Buddhism, especially how it can change your life in the ways you think and act. She turned what could have been a boring lecture into an intriguing conversation where I felt both listened to and respected, while getting helpful answers. This experience made my day and I plan to take my new found knowledge and outlook into the rest of my week, and after that, my life. Thank you.

-Jamie Strong

Penpa is amazing. She is a talented yoga instructor with an amazingly warm and generous soul. Her exercises are already helping. Thank you, Penpa!

-Trivia PanYin

Penpa is incredibly knowledgeable and amazingly patient. Wonderful teacher. Thank you again for helping me start on this journey.

-Meagan Stogsdill

My session with Penpa was enlightening.

-Anthony Leon Brown

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