Our Offerings

Our Offerings Include

♦ Private Yoga and Meditation (Lessons or Coaching)
Group Yoga and Meditation (Class or Workshop)
Couples / Inter-racial couple re-connection
♦ Decolonizing our Minds & Lives
Healthy Cooking on a Budget
Soul Work


We use the tools of dialogue, introspection, promptings,  journaling, yoga, breathing and meditation.

Please schedule with us if you think we are a good match.



You can start with a free consultation to ensure we’re the right fit.

Prerequisite for our service

You must truly be willing to change, and be ready to make the commitment to improving your health and life. This means:

  • Honesty, because self-deception, or the lies we tell ourselves, are the main obstacles on the path. Honesty will reward you immensely. We must expose all of our lies to ourselves and cut through the self deception in order to become intimate with our deepest desires and prayers.
  • Self-inquiry, because this is what cuts through the misconceptions. 
  • Compassion, because uncovering our lies can be painful, cutting and brutal.
  • Patience, because just as it took time to accumulate all the misconceptions – it will take time to dismantle them as well.
  • Willingness, not perfection. Willingness to be honest, to learn, unlearn, to grow, to let go, to surrender, to be honest – willingness will take one on the path for a long time.
  • Diligence and vigilance, which are necessary if we are to progress rapidly. Consistency is the key, there are no short cuts.
  • An open mind – curiosity about your mind, your experience and your environment.

Confess your hidden faults.
Approach what you find repulsive.
Help those you think you cannot help.
Anything you are attached to, give that.
Go to the places that scare you.

~ Machig Labdrön

If you are ready, we are ready. Let’s create magic together.


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