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 We suggest $75 – $125 for a private session (Gift Economy Model)

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(30 min) – Let’s chat and see whether we are the right fit.

For the most effective transformation on this journey, it is important that you feel fully seen, heard and understood. If there are doubts and a lack of trust – it will make this work harder for both sides and we will both waste our precious time and resources. So it is important to us that we work well together.

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In this 30 minute free consultation session, we will get to know each other, your intention, inspiration and goal behind working with us. We will speak candidly about your doubts and fears on the path as well so you can assess if we are a good match and are on the similar page. It is important to us that you feel heard, seen and fully supported with your journey.


Asana (physical yoga)

(1.5 hr) – This is a physically focused session based on asanas (yogic poses). Breathing and meditation are woven into the practice.

Yoga asana as defined by Patanjali’s Yoga Sutra is ” Sthiram sukham asanam” meaning “that position which is comfortable and steady”. It is a balance between ease and effort, between surrender and control. In a traditional Raja Yoga style, asana is practiced to cultivate a comfortable and steady posture for extended period which is paramount to practicing meditation properly.

Asana is one component of the eight limbs of yoga as taught in Raja yoga tradition. These classes are focused more on the physical posture and learning to find a comfortable seat whatever posture one find oneself in.

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We will focus on alignments by listening to the sensations in the body in order to unwind the physical knots, stiffness, weaknesses that eventually hinders us in adopting a proper meditative posture to sit in stillness. The asana practices help clear energetic blockages of the channels and nadis which affects our vitality, emotions and thinking qualities. It also strengthens and brings relaxation in our bones, muscles, lubricates our connective tissues and joints, brings healthy circulation of blood and lymphatic system. Asana classes with well cued pranayama (practice of intentional breathing ) calms the nervous system and helps manage stress and unwanted mental and emotional states.



(1 hr) – This private session includes both guided meditation and coaching on techniques. Time for questions and discussion.

Meditation is a practice to become familiar with ones mind and its many mental habits so the fluctuations don’t unseat us from responding and living sanely. Through meditation practice, one learns to look inward; observe and recognize the patterns of mind; stay with the comings and goings instead of being overpowered by the swings to the two extremes.

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Meditation helps to untie and unwind the mental habits of misconception, misunderstandings, grasping to addictions and pleasure and tendency to be averse to what’s not pleasurable and reject the reality of pain, discomfort, dissatisfaction and sufferings of life. Meditation practice helps rewire the habitual and default neural pathways towards a more responsive and intentional way of mental states. Successful practice of meditation leads to calm abiding state in which one can inquire, introspect, contemplate with concentration leading to uncovering of insights, wisdom and our true nature.

In this class, we will incorporate meditation in asana practice, yoga philosophy as well as practice formal sitting practice.


Meditation for Gamers

(1 hr) – Brett’s meditation coaching is specially designed to help gamers train their brain and emotions to maximize time in the zone.

We will have time for practice & questions to dive deeper into specific patterns and challenges of the gamer, their neurological and physiological basis and how to overcome these weaknesses by training mind, breath and body.

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Gaming is a highly stimulating mental and emotional absorption. A win and loss greatly affects the ability to stay focus, sharp, in perspective and bring your A game. Meditation helps to rewire the default neural pathway that are rooted in our limbic system (so called reptilian brain of survival) of fear reaction of freeze, fight or flight to the prefrontal cortex (PFC)  where executive functions of logic, planning, analytic and strategic thinking is processed. Breathing techniques of meditation stimulates parasympathetic nervous system necessary to regulate your heart and bodily functions to homeostasis.


Soul Work

(1 hr) – You and Penpa will dive deep together, facing the muck and finding the healing. Be prepared to work with your shadows and embrace your inner light.

Soul work is a path for seekers of truth and freedom. When one is on the path of soul work – everything and every one is a mirror and teacher. It is a narrow path of no blame but of embracing all facets of ourselves and others.

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It is an intentional uncovering of what’s in the shadow, the under-current energy, unconscious, repressed, neglected, abandoned, rejected and frozen into a state of numbness and addiction. Unprocessed for lifetimes, these unresolved energies run our lives leading us to habits of shame, guilt, criticism, cynicism, resentment, rigidity, prejudices and despair. In many case, because we have not embraced the darkness within us that we are unable to embrace the darkness projected outside.

Soul work is a work of alchemy, of seeing our shadows for what they are – potent wisdom and life force hidden in darkness. It is the home of compassion, wisdom and creativity. It is the house of our deepest prayers, our deepest longings, our deepest and brightest gifts.

Soul work is for longing brave souls who don’t want to waste the the gift of this precious opportunity of being a human to uncover the true potential of this being. This is mostly a lone journey of taking the dive to go underground of our psyche, reconciling the undesired parts of us so that we can see them what they are and allowing wisdom and light to illuminate all our darkness and fears.

Soul work is demanding. It requires immense courage, honesty, dedication and longing to wake up from this deep sleep of samsara and confusion.

We will incorporate yogic practices, meditation, inquiry and journaling in this session.


Couples Work

(1 hr) – Relationships are a tremendous source of growth, if we’re willing to do the work. We’ll help you take the next step to evolve your relationship.

Through truth, compassion, and a willingness to change, all relationships can be transformed. Whether facing stormy times or coasting through clear skies, there are opportunities for growth being presented by our relationship.

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By combining practical meditation skills and yogic philosophy, you’ll develop tools to seize those opportunities as they arise.


Introduction to Buddhism

(1 hr) – Tap into Penpa’s lifetime of experience as she answers your questions and walks you through the foundations of Buddhism.

“The difference between the wise Buddhist and the sectarian Buddhist is like that between the vastness of space and the narrowness of a vase.” – Kongtrul Rinpoche

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There’s lot of interest in the study of self, mind and reality. Buddhism gives a convincing argument on these subjects with a potential to set ourselves free of the trappings of concepts, emotions and confusion. Different traditions of Buddhism tackle this reality in different methods depending on the personality of the seeker with a common premise of Buddha being one who taught these various levels of path.

Various paths Buddha taught has been categorized into three main vehicle paths mainly Theravada, Mahayana and Vajrayana. My upbringing is in Mahayana tradition of Tibetan Buddhism.

I am offering this as a service and part of karma yoga (service). May this benefit in dispelling confusion and conceptual blocks and facilitates a more wholesome joyful living for all.


Healthy Cooking

(1.5 hr) – Your body is made of the food that you put into it. In order to feel vibrant health, we must be wise about what we eat. Let the food be thy medicine!

It’s possible to eat healthy meals and save money, and we’ll teach you how. This session will not only teach you how to cook, but also how to shop on a budget.

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